SENSUALITY in 4 minutes

Preparing for “the big night” with hubby? Try these tips to boost your sensuality in 4 minutes… in the nude.

Nibble toast and marmalade. Scan the fashion news. Take 4 minutes absolutely for yourself while your body drinks in a skin silkener, or a sensual moisturizer like body oil. To feel the silkening happen, gently apply it all over your skin while you’re still wet from the shower. Feel its lightness and sheerness as every drop vanishes under the gentle touch of your fingers.

Spend the next 4 minutes enjoying the sensation of letting your body dry naturally. Use the time in any way that gives you pleasure. Replay special memories. Revel in your successes. Or simply take pleasure in who you are. These 4 minutes are yours alone. Enjoy them.

When time is of the essence, there’s no need to spend 4 minutes drying off. Just pat dry with a fluffy towel. Only the time is shortened, not the silkening.

Dress in silk. Do not just slip into a silk dress or silk pajamas just like anything else. There’s another way that lets silk glide over your skin without snagging or sticking. It starts with stroking body oil over your shower-wet skin. When your body dries, your skin is so smooth, the finest silks slip on easily.

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