Discover your lover’s HOT zones

Does your lover know all your erogenous zones? Do you know all of his? Chances are, you’ve both spent some long, luscious time in the tried-and-true erogenous zones.

Beyond the genitals and the breasts, you’ve likely petted and nuzzled the neck, the ears, the belly, the hand hands and the thighs. But there are many more nooks and crannies on both of your bodies worth exploring. Here’s a few out-of-the-way erogenous zones you may want to visit:

THE SKINNY ON SKIN. We often ignore the biggest erogenous zone on our body: our skin. The skin is completely covered with nerve endings that appreciate touch. It can blow people’s minds and really expand people’s definition of what’s erotically possible.

An all-over body touch sends out the message “I can’t keep my hands off you.” It’s loving, intimate way to show your partner how much you love his her body. All of it.

To seduce the skin, start with long strokes using a medium-firm amount of pressure. Don’t go too light or it might feel ticklish. As things get more passionate, feel free to be more energetic: pressing had and grabbing can feel amazing when someone’s really turned on.

Dry hands are fine (but you might want to douse them in body powder if you’ve got clammy palms) but using a scented massage oil is even better. During your body explorations, you may even stumble on some unknown, shiver inspiring spots.

FOOTLOOSE. Stuffed in shoes and trod on all day, our feet are hardly pampered in daily life. But they’re actually one of the most wonderful pleasure zones on the body.

Many people find that nice firm strokes on their feet, especially if oil s involved, feel delicious. That’s because the nerve endings in our feet are actually connected to our genitals.

To turn the feet into a more sexy body part, however, you might want to try this one out after a hot sensual bath together. Post-soak-either using scented oil or not—set to your partner’s heels, soles and toes with strong, massaging pressure.

BACK BURNING. Most of the time when we make love, we’re face-to-face. But if you turn things around and start approaching your partner’s back as an erotic zone, things can get exciting.

The nape of the neck, the shoulders, the backs of the thighs, all of these places don’t ordinarily receive a lot of touch. The nape, especially, is often covered by hair or our short collars, but it’s a sensitive to kissing and stroking as our throats.

Exploring your partner’s back can be a surprise: and something different is always exciting. Plus, we often feel vulnerable when our back is exposed, so this is an amazing way to build trust.

OFF THE BEATEN PATH. But the best out-of-the-way erogenous zone on your and your lover’s bodies is best discovered in private. If you keep trying out new places and new ways of touching, you’re sure to find that perfect stroke guaranteed to drive him mad, that little corner you just adore having stroked.

And when you do make these discoveries, they create a bond between you that keeps your sex life intimate and always interesting.


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